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Climate-Controlled Storage Units in Orillia

With an extensive range of storage unit sizes at your disposal, DCM Self Storage is the solution to your storage issues in Orillia. Call us to discuss your storage needs.


Our indoor units are available in the following sizes and are accessible during business hours:

4'x8' climate-controlled unit $95/month

5'x8' climate-controlled unit $101/month

6'x8'climate-controlled unit $108/month

8'x8' climate-controlled unit $126/month


Outdoor Storage Units in Orillia

Our outdoor units are accessible 24/7 and available in the following sizes:


10'x5' (approximately 400 cubic feet) $89/month

This unit size can store 10 to 20 boxes, as well as bicycles and assorted small items. It is recommended for the contents of 1 or 2 rooms of furniture.


10'x10' (approximately 960 cubic feet) $134/month

With a capacity to accommodate 30 to 50 boxes and assorted small items, this unit size is recommended for the contents of a large bedroom or a 2-bedroom apartment, washer and dryer.


10'x20' (approximately 1920 cubic feet) $185/month

This unit size has space enough for 60 to 80 boxes and assorted small items. It is recommended for the contents of a 3-bedroom house or a small shop, as well as major appliances.


There is a refundable $25 deposit for outdoor security cards.


Why Choose Us?

Here are a few reasons why you should choose DCM Self Storage if you need to store your valuable belongings in the Orillia area:

  • Climate control in smaller units
  • Security – fenced area with a secure card-access system
  • Clean and safe storage

Storage Issues?

You can rely on us for dependable storage solutions.

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