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DCM Self Storage Offers Useful Tips for Your Storage Needs in Orillia

Orillia's DCM Self Storage is your source for comfortable and convenient storage options. Along with offering clean and secure storage units, we also strive to provide answers to any questions you may have about storage in Orillia. Call us if you have any doubts or queries about our storage facility.

Storage Tips

Browse through the following storage tips to get the most out of our storage solutions.

  • Use climate-controlled units for sensitive items.
  • Bring a lock, or buy one from our office.
  • Label your boxes. Rubbermaid® bins are a good alternative to standard boxes.
  • Keep frequently needed items at an easily accessible spot in the unit.
  • Make sure the stored items are not in contact with the floor.
  • Place heavy boxes at the bottom and the lighter ones on top.
  • Don't store upholstered goods in sealed boxes.
  • Disassemble large items of furniture before storing them.
  • Store your important documents and papers in file boxes.
  • Don't overfill cartons with books. Ensure that the books are packed flat and any empty spaces are filled.
  • While packing breakables like china, make sure each item is wrapped separately before being placed in a china carton and all the vacant spaces are filled with paper.
  • Defrost all the appliances being placed in the storage unit and make sure they're free from moisture.
  • Leave the doors of refrigerators and freezers open just a little so that odour doesn't build up inside.
  • You can also store small belongings in large appliances.
  • If you have forgotten something, some common items are available for purchase from our office.
  • Most importantly, do not place the following items in a storage unit: explosive and flammable products; food products; beverages or drinks; or plants and animals.

Storage Issues?

You can rely on us for dependable storage solutions.

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